Dorothy Must Die: A Review

dorothy must dieDorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige was such a pleasant surprise. I’m not a die hard Wizard of Oz fan by any means, so I was skeptical about whether or not I’d dig this novel. After having read the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, I found Dorothy Must Die to be a modern, fun retelling. It was similar to Cinder as a retelling of Cinderella… the main ideas are there, but it feels like an entirely different story.

Amy Gumm lives in a trailer on the outskirts of town. She could not be more of an outsider in her town. The only reason anyone, especially the school heartthrob, pays attention to her is because they want to copy her homework. After a fight with the heartthrob’s girlfriend, Amy finds herself suspended… much to the chagrine of her druggie mom. A tornado is coming and her mom leaves to head to the local bar/watering hole.

Needless to say, something odd happens and the trailer is lifted up into the tornado and dropped in none other than OZ! Only this isn’t Dorothy’s Oz… or rather, it IS Dorothy’s Oz… the Oz that Dorothy has ruined and taken complete control over. Amy is Oz’s only hope… how will she save them all from Dorothy’s tyrannical reign?

EXCELLENT story. Amy is your every-girl. She’s normal, plain, doesn’t know what she could do to possible help free Oz from Dorothy. The characters are just plain interesting. I loved the flying monkeys and their backstory… and the story of the scarecrow fits in perfectly with the original Frank Baum story and it’s wicked turns. If you like young adult ANYTHING, this novel is for you! Whimsical in the darkest of ways!

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

saying helloAwkward:
-Tummy issues and a sinus headache all rolled into one does not make for a good work day.
-Crazy deadlines for work make Sarah a dull girl. Also a stressed girl. URGH.

-MAKING MY FIRST THANKSGIVING DINNER LAST WEEK!!! It was a triumph, my dears. The husband was SO HAPPY with it. =)
-Work travel next week to Florida! It’s 70 degrees down there! I cannot wait! I’m leaving my coat in the car when I get to the airport! haha. Take that, Indiana weather.
-Putting up the Christmas decorations and buying Christmas gifts just makes me HAPPY. =)

And the Mountains Echoed: A Review

and the mountains echoedAnd the Mountains Echoed is another great novel by Khaled Hosseini. I think he must be my favorite new-to-me author of 2014. I can’t believe I ever hesitated to pick up his novels. Now they’re all in my favorites.

This novel is a bit different from the first two… the main character shifts between chapters. The story begins with Abdullah and Pari, a brother and sister who are torn apart when their parents can no longer afford to keep them both. Pari is sold to the wealthy and childless Wahdatis in Kabul. Abdullah is heartbroken at his loss. The story then shifts to Abdullah and Pari’s stepmother Parwana and her tale of sibling rivalry and jealousy that ultimately leads to her beautiful sister Masooma being paralyzed. Then the story shifts to the Wahdati’s and Pari and their life together in Kabul.

Another great narrative on life in Afghanistan. The characters were so well written and in-depth. They had flaws, but you couldn’t help but feel for each one of them in turn. Sometimes an author comes along who shocks me with their intuition on human behavior and morals, Hosseini is that kind of author. A Thousand Splendid Suns will always be my favorite of his novels, but I would DEFINITELY suggest you pick up And the Mountains Echoed, as well!



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Hatchet: A Review

hatchetGary Paulson‘s novel Hatchet is the 1987 Newberry Award Winner. It’s a young adult novel about a young man’s survival all alone in the wilderness.

When Brian’s parents got divorced and his father moved away, he never imagined what it would be like to have to travel between his parents homes. He feels like he’s being split in two. Midair on his way to his father’s new home, Brian’s plane crashes and he is the only survivor. The only thing he has with him is the hatchet his mother gave him as a birthday gift.

He has to battle starvation, the weather, and animals in the mountains he’s trapped by. Brian also has to struggle with the loneliness and his recurring memories of the home he once shared with both parents until he found his mother cheating on his father. He struggles with anger at his mother, anger at himself, and anger at the world around him and finds he must let it go in order to survive in the forest.

Definitely a good novel. I wish I had read it when I was younger. I felt like I’ve read different variations on this novel and didn’t feel supremely impressed by any of it. Regardless, I would definitely read this author again. Great novel if you’re into survival in the wilderness.

Kitty Corner

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31 Days of Book Reviews

Frankenweenie is ready for ChristmasOkay, guys, I’m going to go a little crazy this December! I’m going to be having a FULL MONTH… 31 days of book reviews. I’m going to review 31 books that I’ve read this year over the entire month of December. I love the Christmas season, I love buying special gifts for the people who make my life so special. =) SO for all of my lovely blog readers, new and old, I thought I’d post a crap ton of books for you all to check out [or skip] over your Christmas time off and winter breaks. So bring your hot tea or cocoa, your favorite blanket, and be sure to bring a snuggle buddy [read: fur baby] to catch up on 31 days of novels!!

If book reviews aren’t your thang, I’ll still be posting my normal articles AND we’ll start our third year of the 12 Days of Christmas Crafting!!! Be sure to check in over the next 31 days between shopping and watching Elf on replay!