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Happy Valentine’s Day!

touch it foreverBwuahaha… what do you say, Mitchel? ;) I love you, boobahluh! =)

V-Day Obligatory Post

ilyOh Valentines Day, you are the bane of my existence. Not really. I just don’t really like you as a “holiday” or as a¬†friend. I am a firm believer in loving the person you are with and telling them so throughout the year. I am also a fan of surprises and surprising your loved one all year with little things. That said, Happy V-day if you celebrate it. Otherwise, I love you just the same as I did yesterday, reader, and just as much as I will tomorrow.

DIY: Heart Sweatshirt

I’m going to show you guys how I made my gloooooorious Heart Sweatshirt [originally from Amy over at A is for Ampersand]!

-2 Sweatshirts [I bought cheap-o 3 dollah ones at Wal-mart]
-Sewing Machine [makes it easier, but you can always hand sew with a needle]

Step 1: Draw a heart shape onto the sweater you’d like to be the inside of the finished product. I followed Amy’s idea and wanted my heart inside out to add texture to the finished product, so I drew my heart on the outside of the sweater. In Sharpie. Because I’m a rebel.

Step 2: Cut out the sketched heart.

Step 3: Flip your second sweatshirt inside out and place heart in the middle, fuzzy side down on the FRONT of the sweater. And pin!

Step 4: Move kitty off of your project! She could hurt herself  if she gets any closer to those pins!

Step 5: Sew heart onto sweatshirt. Be careful not to double up and sew the sweatshirt together!?!

Step 6: I didn’t take a photo of this step, but you turn the sweatshirt right side out and CAREFULLY cut out the TOP heart! Then you’re left with this beauty!

Didn’t I say it was wonderfully sweet and simple? As seen on my Valentine’s Day post…. I wore mine with a Nerdbiskit mustache pin! So many compliments on this outfit!!

Kitty Corner

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Make sure to spoil your babes! <3

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, all!! Make sure to love your family, your furbabies, your significant others, your coworkers, and most of all… YOURSELF. You are fantastic and worthy of a little self-lovin’ today! :) I’m grateful for all of the people in my life today and every day! Thanks to all my blog followers, readers, and sponsors!

Things I’m loving right now

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Oh, V-day is in the air, guys! ;]

DIY: Felt Hearts

I made a super beautiful Valentine’s Day garland this past week!! It’s my first DIY that I created all by myself, guys!! :) And I have to say, I’m pretty proud of it!

-Embroidery Thread
-Stuffing (not the food kind) ;]

Step 1: First I cut out hearts in the felt! This was not precise… I wanted them to be all different shapes and kind of imperfect. So they were! =)

Step 2: Sew around the heart, leaving a small space to stuff the heart.

Step 3: Surprise Surprise! Now we stuff the heart! And sew the thing shut!

Step 4: Gather all your pretty hearts and put a string through the back of all of ’em!

Step 5: ENJOY!!!!!! My very first creation for all of you! I know it’s not that creative, but let me have this one, okay? ;]

Also, beware of kittens who like to help!