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Things I’m Loving Right Now


They are made of shortbread and white chocolate icing and HEAVEN. The absolute BEST cookies I’ve ever had in my entire life [sorry, mom]. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Made this crappy work week somewhat more survivable. That and the wine that I mentioned on Thursday! =) Such a simple thing can make or break my days lately. Thank God for cookies, wine, and amazing husbands!

Things I’m Loving Right Now

cat bridge, etsy CatastrophiCreations kittybridge2 kittybridge3This amazing Indiana Jones kitty bridge from CatistrophiCreations on Etsy. I feel like my little ladies would LOVE this death-defying bridge! Maybe if they’re extra, extra good babies, Santa will bring them one!

Things I’m Loving Right Now

literature is my boyfriend1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Things I’m Loving Right Now

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Things I’m Loving Right Now

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My Loot

my loot

The hubby and I went shopping this past week and we both ended up with some awesome loot! This is what I walked away with (can you tell we don’t go shopping very often?):

- Two cat shirts
– Thor baseball shirt
– Rust-colored sweater
– Two pairs of jeans
– Six pairs of no-show cat socks
– Grey Vans
– Knit TOMS

All in all, I scored!!! =) Now to order a big oversized sweater to complete my fall wardrobe!

Things I’m Loving Right Now

daisy dream, ruche

Daisy Dream from Ruche
Daisies are my absolute favorite flower… and this tunic is dreamy!

date at the gardens heel, modcloth

Date at the Gardens Heel from Modcloth
My little tween heart loved me some chunky heels. I wonder if I’ll ever grow out of that?!

 flirty and dessert-y nail stickers, modcloth

Flirty and Dessert-y Nail Stickers from Modcloth
GAH!! How cool are these? If they came in a bread scent, I would’ve ordered three packs already…

gotta jete cardigan, modcloth

Gotta Jete! Cardigan from Modcloth
Mmmmm, comfy sweaters make me think of fall. Comfy sweaters, pumpkins, and hot espresso.

perk of art bag, modcloth

Perk of Art Bag from Modcloth
I’m not much of a purse wearer. I mostly just carry around my wallet, but this purse is so cute! Makes me wish I was more of a girl!