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Carousel Horse Tattoo

I got another fantastico tattoo… and this one’s a whopper! =) It’s definitely a big’un, without further ado… my new tat!

carousel horse tat 1

I got a carousel horse in honor of my Grandma Mason [my mom’s mother]. She got my brother and me an ornament for Christmas every year. Johnny’s were always teddy bears and mine were always carousel horses. I have been searching my entire adult life for carousel horse ornaments, but to no avail. When I first started getting tattoos, I knew this was one I’d really love. I didn’t expect it to be so huge, but I am beyond pleased with it!

outline tat done and doneMy artist is Colin McClain. He’s an incredible tattoo¬†artist and I gave him artistic freedom with this tattoo… and he really knocked it out of the park, as always, I should note!

My Fantastic Mr. Fox Tattoo


I got my Fantastic Mr. Fox tattoo… FINALLY!!!! After 11 months of talking about it and dreaming about it, I saved up and went in and got it done at Skinquake by the FANTABULOUS Colin McClain!! I cannot say enough about Colin’s dedication and skill. He designed this tat and decided on all the shading and I couldn’t be happier!!

DSC_1646DSC_1645For those that have never gotten a tattoo before, the process starts with a stencil… you tell the artist if you like the placement, size, etc. Make your changes NOW. Do not feel ashamed to have them replace it. This will be on your body permanently! Your artist wants to make you happy, so please tell them if you want to change something about your design.

DSC_1655DSC_1653DSC_1650DSC_1652And then the black ink! Honestly, the outline hurts far worse than the shading! Once you’re done with this part, you’re over halfway there! I really love how the frame came out… the black looks perfectly Victorian and it really helps the Fantastic Mr. Fox stand out!

DSC_1656DSC_1658And then comes the color… wasn’t that easy and absolutely FANTASTIC! ;) Word of the post, really! haha. It looks wonderful, it feels raw, and you walk away with your very own art piece! Honestly, I love my tattoos… they are a part of me and how I express myself. Wouldn’t change them for the world!

Tattoos: A History

One fateful day in August of 2006, also known as my 19th birthday… I decided to go to my local tattoo shop and get some star tattoos. All I knew was that I wanted them hidden and simple. I ended up getting two star outline tattoos one on each side of my hips. You can see the hint of the left one in this emo photo. I was emo in 2006, please forgive me.

My second tattoo I got in Hawaii, the second time I went back to visit after we moved away in 2007. I stayed with my bestie Shelly and was wild and crazy and got this tattoo of a plumeria flower and my Hawaiian name. I grew up in Hawaii [3rd – 8th grade] and this tattoo is in honor of all my memories from the ROCK!

April 2011
“All was well.” It’s no secret that I’m a Harry Potter fangirl. HARDCORE Harry Potter fangirl. When we left Hawaii, I went through a severe stage of depression [honestly, who wouldn’t?] I was starting high school in Indiana, far away from all my friends and my whole life in Hawaii. The Harry Potter novels really became my saving grace and even to this day, they remain my favorites. This tattoo is the last sentence of the entire book series… and my sort of reminder of the hardships I went through and how I overcame them. With Harry Potter. BECAUSE I AM A NERD. Noone is surprised, so stop gloating.

April 2012
Last but not least. My ginormous Owl tattoo… complete with yellow roses for my family. The long version of that story is here, but suffice it to say… I’m smitten with this tattoo in a BIG way. <3

Tattoo Love Tuesday

One of my lovely sponsors, Marlous, is featuring my tattoo on her blog today, be sure to check it out here!! Also, be sure to check out her other entries… she has such a fantastic blog! =)

30 Before 30: New tattoo

I completed another one of my 30 before 30 goals!!!

24. Get another tattoo!

Ignore my eyes in this photo. lol.

Colin McClain from Skinquake in Bloomington, IN did this tattoo and I am SO HAPPY with his work! He’s doing all my future tattoos, I’ve decided!

SO READY to start this beast!! =)

I should mention that watching someone get tatted up for 3 hours is not as exciting as it may seem. Poor Mitchel was such a trooper! My brother even lasted through half of the process, too!

Outline is DONE!!!!

Only the roses left to color!!

So freakin’ happy with the final product!!

Honestly, before I started getting tattoos, I never thought I’d be the type. I never considered putting something on my body permanently. It’s such an art form though. It’s turning my body into a work of art, and you might not want tattoos for yourself, but you’ve got to appreciate the beauty of it. It’s a realization, too… tattoos don’t change who I am. I’m still me… still positive and happy-go-lucky. Still a Christian!! This is just part of who I am. Part of what I love and enjoy out of life. This is me living my life to it’s fullest. =)

Thank God for my supportive family and Mitchel. They may not want tattoos themselves, or even agree with them, but they have been nothing but supportive of me and my happiness. I’m pretty blessed in that department! =)

Project 366

[Photo 33]

[Photo 34]

[Photo 35]

[Photo 36]

[Photo 37]

[Photo 38]

[Photo 39]

Photo 33: Bun w/new knitted headband I made!

Photo 34: My beauty of an HP Tattoo

Photo 35: Mustard tights! I love colored tights!

Photo 36: A photo with all 3 ladies! This is a first, guys… super hyped!

Photo 37: Felt hearts I’m working on for Friday’s DIY. =]

Photo 38: Laundry day… ugh!

Photo 39: Bellatrix this morning… being super ladylike and sweet!