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The Night Circus: A Review

the night circusThe Night Circus is the debut novel of writer Erin Morgenstern. What a grand first novel. How to authors do this?? I have no idea how they can have all this inside of them and hidden for so long until they are published. This novel was inspired, to say the least.

Two magicians make a bet that their own prodigies will be the superior magician. Only their talents are not just tricks of the light or an illusion, these two men are actually harnessing magic in it’s purest form. They separate to train their ‘mini-me’s. Years later, the prodigies are competing in the night circus, a circus unlike any other circus. There are tents that have snow falling, tens with jars of scents, and at the center a tree that seems to hold the entire life of the circus in it’s limbs. Will the competition kill the circus? Will it tear apart the magicians running it?

AH!! THIS NOVEL. The characters are so intriguing and the story is quite simply… MAGIC. I feel like the song Magic by Coldplay is made for this novel. It was compelling and new and so sweet. I feel as if I devoured the story and looked forward to it every night after work! DEFINITELY a novel you’ll want to read!

House of Ivy and Sorrow: A Review

ivy and sorrowDrop what you’re doing! If you have not read House of Ivy and Sorrow by Natalie Whipple, you need to readjust your priorities and start reading this novel! This novel is magic and mystery! PERFECT read for the wintery months OR a sunny day in a park.

A curse has been killing members of witching families all over the country for generations. It’s how Josephine Hemlock’s mother died and she’ll do anything to avoid it! When the curse returns to claim her grandmother, Josephine decides to actively find her mother’s killer, whoever is putting this curse on witches is going to have to answer to her! The deeper she digs, the more she learns about her own witchcraft and family history.

NOTHING could do justice to this novel. I just… WOW! I love her writing. It’s so fresh. Natalie Whipple is a breath of fresh air. In bookshelves filled with the same story retold hundreds of different ways, Natalie Whipple’s mind came up with something completely new and unique. With amazing characters and whimsical and dark settings, this novel is sure to be a hit with all fans of YA and fantasy novels!

Through the Ever Night: A Review

through the ever nightThrough the Ever Night is part TWO of Veronica Rossi’s Under the Never Sky trilogy (review of book one here). WOW. I really did not expect these novels to blow me away the way they do. I love Aria and Perry!! They are both such great characters & Veronica Rossi does a great job of making me feel like I’m close friends with these two very different people.

This story begins months after Aria and Perry last saw each other. Aria is now on a mission for the pods to find out where the Still Blue might be. The Still Blue is supposedly a myth about a place where the sky is not burning with the aether storms that threaten everyone’s safety! Perry is now the Blood Lord of the Tides, in charge of an entire colonies safety and happiness. When Aria shows up at the Tides camp, the tribe members are not pleased at Perry’s choice to couple with a former Dweller. Aria must consider whether leaving Perry to search for the Still Blue is the best choice for Perry and the Tides.

AWESOME companion novel to the first book. All of the characters are contradictory within themselves… Perry is rough edged, but gentle and loving; Aria is weak, but strong-willed and thorny. The constant question over whether or not they can make it work despite the odds stacked up against them is a tale as old as time, but Rossi makes the story seem brand new. Would definitely suggest it to fans of YA dystopia novels!

If I Stay: A Review

if i stayIf I Stay is nothing at all like Gayle Forman’s other novels… and I mean that in the BEST way possible. Gayle Forman’s blog does not lie… she has ALL THE FEELS in this one.

Mia Hall’s family is as close as a family can be. Her father is witty and dry humored, her mother is “tough as nails and as gentle as a kitten”, and her little brother is kind and loving. One winter morning, the Hall family is in a devastating car accident. Mia is stuck in a sort of waiting room between life and death and must decide whether she is going to stay and fight for her life or give up and pass on to whatever comes after death.

Heart rendering, bittersweet, full of love and loss and life. This book reached to a part of my soul that few things can. I couldn’t put the novel down. I had to know what she decided and why. Her grandparents are endearing, her boyfriend is lovely and cozy, and her best friend is endlessly supportive. I thought the entire cast of characters really carried this novel in my heart. I LOVED IT! Would definitely recommend if you need a good cry [or even a bad one]!

For Darkness Shows the Stars: A Review

for darkness shows the starsFor Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund is a dystopian novel about humanity after it has destroyed itself because of genetic engineering gone wrong. Society has been plagued by a disease known as The Reduction for years. The Reduced are human beings who do not have the same cognizance as the non-reduced.

The Luddites are the people who did not believe in the genetic engineering experiments and thus, are not plagued by Reduction. Elliot North is the unofficial luddite lord of the North estate, where many Reduced work on the land as psuedo-slaves. When Kai Wentworth returns to the North estate as a Cloud Fleet officer, Elliot hardly recognizes her long-lost love. Elliot can’t quite put a finger on what has changed about Kai, though she knows very well why he is still angry with her after all these years.

This novel was AWESOME! Not only did it reach on ideas about technology and human beings that I had never though about, but the characters were endearing. This book has everything I could want in a young adult novel! I would DEFINITELY suggest this novel to all who love a good somewhat-futuristic dystopia.

The Gates: A Review

the gatesThe Gates by John Connolly was such an ODD young adult novel. Basically, the non-sugar coated version… this novel is about Satan and how a little boy named Samuel and his daschund Boswell are the only things standing between Satan and Earth! Some neighbors decide to call to the underworld as a fun parlor game, but things go terribly wrong (or is it terribly right?) and the Abernathys find their bodies being used by a host of demons and evil creatures.

Odd? Yes. Scary? Yes. This novel does not seem to be a topic appropriate for it’s reading level! While the novel copes with the common fight between good and evil, it still felt a bit stretched.  There were good topics, but I found the novel a bit too evil. The candid way that Connolly wrote about demons and the devil really made me uncomfortable. That being said, I loved the relationship between Samuel and Boswell… their friendship was very Matilda-esque and magical.

The characters were odd and I found myself feeling uneasy about reading this novel. I wouldn’t really suggest this novel, though I’d read this author again if he chose a different topic.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: A Review

missMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs is a novel I had heard a lot about through the grapevine. I always like to check out books that are getting a lot of fuss because I want to find out what it’s all about.

In short, this novel was a disappointment. With it’s cast of children with special talents and it’s just-odd-enough matriarch, you would assume the story would practically write itself, but I found the novel boring and slow. How can you make a book about time travel and super powers dull?! It did not hold my interest and I found myself hoping for the novels end so I could pick up something else. Too dull – not recommended.