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Things I’m Loving Right Now

my last monthThe things I’m loving right now? The amazing past month I’ve had! I met Matt Smith, Boomer (the Pacers mascot), and Meryl Streep. =) I know it seems silly, but we’re really having an amazing 2014… I can’t believe I not only get to marry my BEST friend this year, I also met some heroes of mine & enjoyed many, many adventures. =) 2014, you’ve been so good to me.


Nutcracker happy happy engaged!So, blog family, I don’t know how else to break the news to everyone, but Mitch & I are engaged [since 12/7/13]!! We’re going to get married and have kids and live happily ever after.

Okay, let’s be honest, I’ll probably drive him absolutely bonkers, BUT he’s stuck with me!

We haven’t set a date, though we’re thinking September 2014! It was a romantic night at the ballet watching The Nutcracker and then home for hot tea and Bible reading. After which, he asked me to marry him. AND I SAID YES!?!

We have been together since September of 2011 and I’ve never been happier in my life. Mitch is my best friend, my confidante, and my support system. I can’t wait to begin our life together as old married folks!

The Farris Littles

I got to spend another evening with my most favorite littles!!! =)

greyson2Greyson is such a tough cookie! He’s definitely going to be a football player.

molly cuddlesMolly is becoming a cuddley girl. She’s so calm and sweet!

LaecLaeceigh is my little performer. She loves to laugh and to make others laugh.

tristanTristan is such a little mommy. She helps out with EVERYTHING! =) And she knows just how to get her younger siblings to do what she wants. haha.

I love them so much. I can’t wait to meet the 5th and final Farris babe in the next month!

Outfit Post


Mitch & I had a spectacular date night last night! I wore my pretty floral dress with my big belt and purple tights. I felt like such a cutesie lady! We went to Domo [a hibachi grill] to get some steak/iron in me, anemia be damned! =) We were the only people at our table, which made it extra fun. We made friends with the cook & had a really great time. The date ended with reading some Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire while cuddled up in our pajamas! Perfect date night.

Dinner with Friends


Someone really special to me (this cutie Greyson) turned One this past week
and we celebrated with dinner and dessert!

Laeceigh molly TristanWe ate at Huhot (our group’s favorite dining establishment) and my friends Ashlee & Chris brought delicious Coldstone ice cream cupcakes!
Which we all pigged out on. haha.

my girlsI love the Farris kids with all my heart! And momma Ashlee is about ready to pop out the 5th and final Farris child for me to adore. ;o]

Sarah & the Technicolor Hair

hair1 hair2 hair3

Soooooooooooooooo, I got bored with my hair color… and dyed it back to red! Practically needless to say, I adore it. I love having my hair red… it looks good with my skin color and it’s just plain fun.¬†

Do you guys ever get bored with your hair and just HAVE TO do something before you chop it all off and start over? That’s me… about twice a year! haha.

Recite Pi


Hope this makes you all smile!!!
Happy Wednesday!