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Coffee Owl

owlThis makes me ridiculously happy. Two of my favorite things in life. <3

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

judgemental owlAwkward:
-Being quite exhausted every morning. Wanting nothing more than to go back to sleep once I awake.
-How freezing cold our office is, especially when it’s hot outside. Burning up outside, bundled up inside.

-Iron Man 3 coming out in theaters on Friday! I loves me some Tony Stark.
-The Scarlet Pimpernel. I’m reading it for the first time EVER and it’s really great. =)

Things I’m loving right now

precious owl ring, ruche

everyday outlaw boots, ruche

always fawn my mind ornament, modcloth

jordana sequins sheer top, ruche

crochet hello for me mittens, modcloth

once and conifer all dress, modcloth

DIY: Owl Plush

Ohmy… I seem to have made a delectable little owl stuffed animal. Hrmm, I’d better post this D-I-Y made on a whim on my bloggity blog!! So here it is…

-Owl design [toooootally optional and feel free to use mine, but I’m an artiste so I made one. haha]
Two sheets of the dark brown
One sheet of the light light brown
Less than one orange, black, white, and yeller [aka: yellow]
– Four [or more] different bits of Fabric quarters [or scrap fabric, really]
-Sewing machine was helpful, but optional
-Rotary cutter or scissors
-Paper in the shape of a small-ish circle to help w the feathers!

Okay, First thing’s first [naturally]… Cut a town of circles out of the fabric swatches, cut out your owl shape on the brown felt times 2, your eye pieces [yellow, white, and black], the light brown ‘wings’, and a cute orange triangle for the beak!

NEXT, I used my rotary cutter and cut those circles in half for the feathers.

Then, I took the beautiful feathers and started sewing them in semi-straight and structured lines on the front of one of the brown owl body pieces!

After that I grabbed my light brown wings and sewed them on over top of my ‘feathers’! I even decided to give my wiley owl some eyes and a beak!

The last step was putting my finished front piece face down onto the second brown owl body piece and sew them together, leaving a small space to flip my owl inside out and stuff! AND VOILA!!!

I am a certified plushie designer!! Look at those eyes!?! =) She’s a dreamy girl!

30 Before 30: New tattoo

I completed another one of my 30 before 30 goals!!!

24. Get another tattoo!

Ignore my eyes in this photo. lol.

Colin McClain from Skinquake in Bloomington, IN did this tattoo and I am SO HAPPY with his work! He’s doing all my future tattoos, I’ve decided!

SO READY to start this beast!! =)

I should mention that watching someone get tatted up for 3 hours is not as exciting as it may seem. Poor Mitchel was such a trooper! My brother even lasted through half of the process, too!

Outline is DONE!!!!

Only the roses left to color!!

So freakin’ happy with the final product!!

Honestly, before I started getting tattoos, I never thought I’d be the type. I never considered putting something on my body permanently. It’s such an art form though. It’s turning my body into a work of art, and you might not want tattoos for yourself, but you’ve got to appreciate the beauty of it. It’s a realization, too… tattoos don’t change who I am. I’m still me… still positive and happy-go-lucky. Still a Christian!! This is just part of who I am. Part of what I love and enjoy out of life. This is me living my life to it’s fullest. =)

Thank God for my supportive family and Mitchel. They may not want tattoos themselves, or even agree with them, but they have been nothing but supportive of me and my happiness. I’m pretty blessed in that department! =)

Things I’m loving right now

[via Ruche]
I could not be any more in love with this dress if I tried.
I want to drink tea and picnic in this thing. ASAP!

[via SukanArt]
Adorable. If I had a million dollars, I tell you what,
these would be all over my home <3

[via LoveGraceJoy]
YES, YES, YES!!! Everything about these mugs!

[via Spool72]
I wish my whole wardrobe was from this shop!

[via HanaLetters]
I’m already plotting outfits of mine that this pin would go with. I’m in love!

TOTALLY the same thing. <3 <3 <3

[via Plasticland]
The sleeves, guys, the sleeves!

Project 366

[Photo 48]
Callie does this every time Bella collapses on the
ground for belly rubs. Silly girls!

[Photo 49]
A day without makeup. =P

[Photo 50]
Sick weekend and lots of furbaby cuddles.

[Photo 51]
Franklin showing off his underbite. haha

[Photo 52]
My new Needlings cell case! I love it so so much!!

[Photo 53]
Beautiful cupcakes for our work B-day party!

[Photo 54]
The pin I’m donning today.
I loves me some owls!