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Outfit Post


Mitch & I had a spectacular date night last night! I wore my pretty floral dress with my big belt and purple tights. I felt like such a cutesie lady! We went to Domo [a hibachi grill] to get some steak/iron in me, anemia be damned! =) We were the only people at our table, which made it extra fun. We made friends with the cook & had a really great time. The date ended with reading some Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire while cuddled up in our pajamas! Perfect date night.

Outfit Post

DSC_1942 DSC_1949DSC_1939Have you all checked out Hello Apparel? They seriously have the absolute CUTEST clothing for adults and children. =) Someday I will own a pair of their lovely tights… once I lose some more weight.

DSC_1940 DSC_1937Frank decided to join his mummy in these outfit post photos. Isn’t he the best model?

Outfit Post

I haven’t done an outfit post in SO LONG! I gained a good bit of weight [i.e. around 30 lbs] and have been kinda avoiding the cameras.

cardigan comicsHere’s a gratuitous grouping of Instagram photos I took on Sunday! I redid the red and curled my hair, and wore my new sweater. Yes, I am an 80 year old woman at heart. New cardigans make my heart skip a beat! ;)

Outfit Post

DSC_1577I dressed up and went out to my parents house a couple weeks ago! I’ve been meaning to post picturess, but things have gotten pretty Christmas-y around here really fast [aka: busy, busy, busy]!

DSC_1594DSC_1584DSC_1578DSC_1603DSC_1598DSC_1576DSC_1573DSC_1609DSC_1608It got a little windy over the course of these photos. haha! Windswept is hot, right? LOL! I can be such a goober sometimes! I hope you guys are taking the time to enjoy the little bit of sunlight we have these winter months!!


Outfit Post


Full-figured women, unite!!!
It’s time to start wearing sweaters and vests that fit your chest WAY too tightly and make you look 3 times wider around the middle.
Whoo! I keed, I keed. I love fall, but it really is hard to shop and look good when you’ve got busty gal syndrome.

Just a comfortable Sunday afternoon filled with football games, trips to the library, and lovely fall walks with Franklin!

Outfit Post: Apple Festival

This was my outfit for the Apple Festival last weekend!!!! It was sooo cold out compared to the rest of the week, so I bundled up.
Layers, layers, layers, my friends!

I felt like Amelia Earhart all afternoon! haha

Outfit Post

Mitch & I went to The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN!!!!! =) And it was awesome… and I wore a country star outfit for the night!

Oh, hotel room shots. haha. The lighting is suck, but man did this outfit have me feeling like a superfox. So silly and I’m sure the older crowd at the Opry found it odd, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Outfit Post

I mowed my mom’s 3 acre yard yesterday!! And this was the silly outfit I wore. Since I didn’t really dress nicely [or get out of pajamas, really] this past week, this is me keeping it real!!

I am also participating this week in The Nearsighted Owl’s I’m Proud of My Size Linkup! I am not a skinny mini. I have curves and breasts and hips and a badunkadunk. It’s the way God built me and there’s no denying it. I have stretch marks from puberty happening at such a fast pace & I’m okay with that… Not just okay. I’m happy with my curvacious female form!

And that, my friends, is all she wrote!

Outfit Post

We spent the weekend in Pittsburgh celebrating my grandfather’s 80th birthday with my parents, aunts, uncles, & cousins! This was my outfit on Sunday when we spent some time downtown in Pittsburgh and at my grandpa’s for lunch!

I really love this ruffly shirt, although my brother calls it my weird old-time shirt! haha. I like it… and I thought it worked well for walking around the city in that heat! Eep!

My buttons only burst open ONCE during a stretch! #bustygalproblems

Outfit Post

I picked out a fun outfit to wear out on the town last Friday!! We decided to go out to dinner… so Mitchel, Travis [his brother], and I had some delicious Outback Steakhouse. And I wore a pretty skirt!

And then Franklin showed up to show his appreciation and love for his mommy!

hahaha. We’re such goobers!!

I really loved this outfit… even if it made me feel a little old school. And even if people stared at me at Outback. It was only because of how FABULOUS I looked without ever showing off any skin! =)