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Newest Obsession: Washi Tape

tape green

I’m sure that I’m late in really getting into Washi tape, but have you guys seen these cute tapes? SO MANY PROJECTS are running through my brain!! Just thought I’d share a few cuties!

tape aqua stripetape yellow floraltape birdstape lovetape floral

tape mint heart

I need to start collecting these and dreaming up some crafty uses for them!

Reader Questionnaire

Hello my beautiful, wonderful, loving readers! I know everyone is getting back into the swing of things at work, etc… but I’d really love some feedback on this little blog of mine.

What are some posts that you guys like and would like to see more of? I have the most hits on my outfit posts, so I’ll definitely be adding more of those in the New Year. What else?

Fur-baby posts?
Day in the life posts?
Things I’m lovin’ posts?
DIY posts?

Help meeeeeeeeee help youuuuuuuuu [a la Jerry Maguire]!

I want this blog to be a success! Help a girl out! :)

Five Facts

1. I am an avid DVD collector. Not only do I own a ridiculous amount of dvds [and actually watch a majority of them on a daily basis], but I also own a lot of tv series collections. My tv series include: Friends, Freaks & Geeks [1 season], Sex & the City, That 70’s Show, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, etc!

2. I take photos. A lot of photos. It’s like an obsessive need to commemorate each moment in my life… even the silly ones. My friends are constantly being harassed by my Nikon D3100! I think I just love having such a fantastic camera [FINALLY] and being able to take such great photos!

3. I’m flaky. Sometimes I make plans with friends and then the day of I’ll feel too exhausted or too stressed from work, etc… and instead of just sticking with plans, I’ll cancel them so I can go home, get in pjs, and be alone. I can be a bit of a loner sometimes, I think. Sorry, friends… I’m a flake!

4. I am obsessed with animals… pretty much every pet-like animal with the exception of non-owl birds. haha. I’ve always had pets, practically from birth. My family has just always been the type to have a furry creature running/lounging about. This is probably why I have 3 cats & 1 pup. I like the company of my furbabies!


Princess Peach

5. I have a mild case of OCD. And no, I’m not just saying that. I have actually been diagnosed with OCD/anxiety. Before I started taking my medication I felt on edge all the time… and I can’t say enough good things about getting help for anxiety disorders. It really has made all the difference! And I’m not ashamed of it at all, I am Flawed and Fabulous.

What about you guys? 5 facts you’d like to share??