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One of the Best

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Things I’m Loving Right Now

my last monthThe things I’m loving right now? The amazing past month I’ve had! I met Matt Smith, Boomer (the Pacers mascot), and Meryl Streep. =) I know it seems silly, but we’re really having an amazing 2014… I can’t believe I not only get to marry my BEST friend this year, I also met some heroes of mine & enjoyed many, many adventures. =) 2014, you’ve been so good to me.


All the Cookies



Mario’s Parties

mario party

Daddy Vader

daddy vader 1 daddy vader 2 <3 I love these comics!

Doctor Who: Goodbye Tennant

I am completely heartbroken, but Mitch & I just finished watching the Tennant years of Doctor Who. He was the absolute best… I’m so nervous for Matt Smith’s version of the Doctor. Here’s to Doctor Ten and everything he was! He made the Doctor for me. =)

tennant1 tennant tennant4 oh yes David Tennant tennant2


Luke, I Am Your Father

luke i am your father