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The Healing Power of Cats

healing power of catsBAH! Take that, cat-haters of the world!


Nutcracker happy happy engaged!So, blog family, I don’t know how else to break the news to everyone, but Mitch & I are engaged [since 12/7/13]!! We’re going to get married and have kids and live happily ever after.

Okay, let’s be honest, I’ll probably drive him absolutely bonkers, BUT he’s stuck with me!

We haven’t set a date, though we’re thinking September 2014! It was a romantic night at the ballet watching The Nutcracker and then home for hot tea and Bible reading. After which, he asked me to marry him. AND I SAID YES!?!

We have been together since September of 2011 and I’ve never been happier in my life. Mitch is my best friend, my confidante, and my support system. I can’t wait to begin our life together as old married folks!




Studio Ghibli is the BEST!

spirited-awayHave I mentioned my recent love of Studio Ghibli films? I am not usually into animated films, though I was into Sailor Moon when I was younger [Thanks, Shelly ;)]… and I loves me some Hello Kitty. I guess I’m a wanna-be asian. hahaha.

princessmononokemyneighbortotoroEither way, Studio Ghibli really grabbed me! Mitchel suggested Howl’s Moving Castle on one rainy weekend day at the library. We checked it out and I was purposely avoiding it when choosing which movie to watch, but it was inevitable… the film called out to me and we eventually watched it.

And oh… my… goodness. arrietyIt has been a love affair ever since. We’ve watched Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, The Secret World of Arriety, My Neighbor Totoro, and Spirited Away. We have Kiki’s Delivery Service waiting for us at our apartment. AND I’ve already put Ponyo, Castle in the Sky, The Cat Returns,  and Pom Poko on request from the local library.

totoro rawwwwwwwrIf you haven’t checked out Studio Ghibli yet, I urge you to [and so does Totoro].

Recite Pi


Hope this makes you all smile!!!
Happy Wednesday!

Did I ever tell you


That I aspire to be a professional writer? It’s my overall goal and I spend some evenings and Saturdays writing short stories to my hearts content. I can’t write the way I want to everyday (mostly due to the stresses of my current job)!

I remember growing up and writing silly fanfic about my favorite bands w my friend Kym. We’d go back and forth to create stories in which our crushes from S Club 7 and Five would end up falling madly in love with us and we’d kiss. To an 8th grader, that’s the end goal. To have a boy you really, really like kiss you and whisk you away. Entirely hopeless romanticism!

Now I’m much more advanced… Outfit posts and kitty corners! Haha. But really, I just wanted you all to know that I do take this seriously. That even just writing the little blurbs I sometimes pen means the world to me. It keeps me going and makes me feel that all is not lost in my writing career!

Imagine me sitting here with a pen and pad of paper and writing you from that instead of my laptop, trying to tell you how my day went, what’s been on my mind lately, things I feel strongly about. I know I can come off as super bubbly and not much content behind my rants and thoughts. And that’s fine with me, because I know there’s a lot more here on this blog for me.

The elusive “Dream” & some blogging ‘tude

Sometimes it’s hard to stay super positive on this little blog of mine.

It’s hard to read blogs by mommy bloggers, and pretty fashionistas [re: ladies who don't wear jeans 6 out of 7 days of the week], and women that are out there doing their passion for a living.

I’m so happy with my life where I’m at right now. I love having this time living close to my family and spending my weekends with Mitch sleeping in and reading. Really, though… all of these inspirational women out there have me BUGGIN’.

I love writing and this blog was my ‘for me’ activity, but I so badly want for it to be more. More interesting for my readers [all 3 of them haha] and more posts where I get real about life and what’s going on… not just sugar coating everything, more of me into every gosh darned entry. More standing out from the crowd of other bloggers who are only half in it.

Honestly, it’s a pretty simple time right now for me. Mitch & I aren’t engaged and I’m not a mommy. I barely have enough fashion sense to even say I have a ‘style’. haha. I wear what is comfy and what I think looks cool. I am not doing what I love for a living, though don’t get me wrong… I’m good at my job and I like that!! It’s just not the dream.

That elusive dream that’s out there somewhere.

That dream where I write for a living, working from home and turning my day to day life into a writing adventure. I’d love to sit at home all day and write short stories, blog entries, web articles. Spend my free time reading to expand my ideas and to continue growing as a writer.

For now I just have this blog. This tiny bit of freedom to write and feel and live via my own corner of the webisphere!


Let’s get real

Life is not always beautiful. It does not always have sunshine and happiness and good memories. I have had my fair share of life’s trials, though I try my hardest to stay positive about my life.

My family has really been through a lot… and we continue to go through issues, like all other families. I don’t want to go deep into the problem, as it’s not mine to discuss…. suffice it to say that it’s not easy watching a family member suffer and struggle through their own issues. It’s something that affects every one of us, which I’m sure makes it that much harder on my brother.

Some days I think that I have a handle on it and that I’m strong enough to be there for him and not take it all so hardly, not make his struggle about me. Occasionally, though, I will not be able to control myself from breaking down and sobbing. This isn’t something I can fix for him, as much as I’d love to take away all of his pain and all of his strife.

In the end all I can do is pray that he’ll figure it out, that we’ll all be here for each other, and that we never let any of our personal issues get in the way of our relationships with each other! <3