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My New Hair

I decided to spoil myself a little bit and I got my hair done… ombre style, here we come!!! =) I LOVE it! This photo doesn’t do it justice! It’s chocolate brown on the top and a honey blonde on the bottom. SUPER CUTE!!! I’m so happy with it!

Project 366

[Photo 30]

[Photo 31]

[Photo 32]

Photo 30: A pretty tasty late lunch with my lovah! =] Huhots, ya’ll!

Photo 31: Crosswords are for lovers! Did some of these before bed!

Photo 32: Long, rough day… but seeing my girls cuddling and kissing each other really brightened it quite a bit. =]

Project 366

[Photo 23]

[Photo 24]

[Photo 25]

Photo 23- I had a fantabulous lunch with Mitchel at Jimmy John’s! We love that place and it really lifts my spirits to get to have a lunch date every once in a while!

Photo 24- My HP corner in my house also contains this suuuuuuper cute Boston Terrier coinbank that my momma got me for Christmas. I love it so much!

Photo 25- My first full day wearing my Blowfish Vance shoesssss!! I’m officially in love. They’re so comfy to wear… which is surprising because they are SO TALL. haha.

Instagram Photos!!

I have Instagram!!! My username is Nobodyputssarahinthecorner! Find me and add me, guys!! =] These are my instagram photos so far [that I haven’t shared with you guys yet]:

I loooooooooove the editing with the Instagram program! RAWK! <3

Project 366

[Photo 17]

[Photo 18]

[Photo 19]

Photo 17: Mitchel lounging about on Tuesday!

Photo 18: Peachie being a sweet girl! Her face is shifting the older she gets… it’s so adorbs!!

Photo 19: I put my hair up today in a pretty rad way!!! I’m calling it my retro bee hive! <3 it!