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Potter Generation

potter generation

Strange Dreams

Rupert GrintI had the STRANGEST dream last night involving Rupert Grint [ZOMG over this photo. haha]. He was on tour with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson for Harry Potter. In my dream they were performing it live on stage.

Totally random, but instead of having an actual tour bus that drove them around, they had a rickety old van that they were driving around the country in and they just so happened to stop at a roadside diner/cafe that my mom, brother Johnny, and I were at.

He walked past and Johnny was all excited about seeing him in person. Anywho, he came over to talk to us after Johnny said hi and was all personable and friendly. I woke up today wishing that I could have an actual conversation with him about acting [instead of the imaginary one we had in my dream].

I think this must mean I miss acting. Oh, sigh.

A Casual Vacancy: Review


Oh, J.K. Rowling, you really know how to get me.

Let’s be real here… I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. They’ve helped me through many very difficult parts of my life including depression, moving, lack of friends, high school, my parents separating, college. I owe a lot of my successes and hanging on to Rowling and her characters.

That being said, this novel is a completely different beast in and of itself. Please read it as such. I happen to really love Rowling’s writing, she captures her characters under such a real light that I can’t help but be entranced and drawn in. And the subject matter is politics, so it really takes a good writer to keep me interested!

Don’t let my Rowling love deter you, though… the novel is a really incredible account of how one man’s death can affect an entire town. It’s worth checking out if you’re looking for your next novel!

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-How long it’s been since we’ve washed our bedsheets! Icky! We’ve gotta make a big run to the laundromat this week!
-Franklin being exceptionally smelly the other day! Boston terrier farts are the worst.

-Sleeping owls. Aren’t they adorbs?!
-Watching The Walking Dead season 2 on Netflix! It’s sickeningly well-written and acted!
-Crocheting! My bobble blanket is coming along soooo nicely. I’m actually quite proud of it!
-Finishing ‘Life of Pi’ the novel with Mitchel! We read aloud to each other every night… it’s super romantic! And now we start on the Harry Potter series, since he’s never read it before!!

10 Reasons Why I Wish I Lived in Harry Potter

Inspired by Amy Morby’s post on Star Wars, I decided to write my own:

1. OWLS!!!! Owls, owls, owls. So corny. But I want a pet owl. A pet owl that delivers my letters for me and affectionately nips at my fingers. =)

2. Quidditch. Best. Sport. Ever. I’d love to lounge in the fall weather and cheer on my fellow Gryffindors [I got sorted on Pottermore] as we rage broomed battle on the other houses. All while trying to catch the Snitch and end the game. Also, wouldn’t hot cocoa be great at a game?

3. Butterbeer. I had some butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and it was the best tasting beverage OF ALL TIME! It was like cream soda mixed with root beer… so delish!

4. Wands. This may sounds super nerdy I know it’s super nerdy, but I would really love my very own wand. I think the whole process of the wand picking you is pretty whimsical and I wonder which wand would pick me and what spells I’d be best at.

5. Classes. Even Herbology would be much more interesting than any sort of class I took in highschool. I think Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts would be my best courses. Just sayin’.

6. Hagrid. He’s super kind and he always has Harry’s back. He’s such a strong support system. And he’d take you on all sorts of adventures in the Dark Forest. I’d be up for that. Minus the spiders of course. Why couldn’t he say follow the butterflies?

7. Hogwarts. The school has great classes AND hidden passageways!? The staircases switch depending on the day, too! At first, I was freaked out by that notion, but the older I get the more exciting the idea is of having to take a new path every day.

8. Weasley’s Wizards Wheezes. I’d love to visit the twin’s joke shop! They certainly brought laughs throughout the novels with their antics, and I’d like to be up to no good myself.

9. The Marauder’s Map. Oh, the Hogwarts crew: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs… those notorious troublemakers and their magnificent map. I would like to manage some mischief on the Hogwarts grounds and this map is just the trick. Well, that and the…

10. Invisibility Cloak. So much awesomeness in one teeny bit of magical cloth. Throughout the novels, this was such an important connection between Harry and his father James. Only in the 7th novel do we learn it’s exceptional history and powers. Either way, how cool!! So cool that scientists are working on their very own invisibility cloak. I kid you not!!

*For you Muggles out there that haven’t read the books, there’s a pretty substantial amount of information on this site.

Five Facts

1. I love reading. Often when Mitch is off playing his video games, I can be found huddled under a blanket with a book and some hot tea. At the moment I’m reading my way through the Modern Library’s Top 100 Novels of All Time. I started at book 100 and I’m not on The Adventures of Augie March! I also have an extensive Harry Potter obsession and a love of The Hunger games. If you aren’t new here, you already know this. ;]

2. I lived in France for 3 weeks my Junior year of high school! :] It was the trip of a lifetime and I’d love to travel across Europe again!!

3. My favorite restaurant [if we’re not counting my love of Korean food] is O’Charley’s!! Their overloaded potato soup is freakin’ aweshum!! I’ve never had a bad food experience there.

4. My life Motto? Fake it til you make it! Basically it means if you’re not in a good mood and pretend to be in a good mood, eventually you will forget you’re faking it and you’ll actually BECOME in a better mood. It’s taking control of your own happiness. :D My OCD loves when I can take control of things like this.

5. Lactose Intolerant. Why, body, why? All the best things have lactose in them: cheese, milk, ice cream… need I say more? This is not to say that I don’t still eat that stuff, it just makes me sick if I eat too much of it. DRATS.