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Fantastic Mr. Fox

fantastic mr. fox

Oh, isn’t he absolutely FANTASTIC?!

To say I adore Fantastic Mr. Fox by the fantastic Roald Dahl would be such an understatement it is almost heresy to suggest otherwise. The movie grabbed me immediately and with such force that I could not get it out of my mind.

328I even got a tattoo based solely on my love of the movie, knowing there was a novel, but not having read it yet.

And this is why I reserved it and borrowed it from my local library, pulsing with excitement to start the novel behind the Wes Anderson film that completely took me. I was not disappointed for a moment.

Fun, funny, and quite silly, this novel was touching in ways I don’t even know that Dahl meant it to be. I truly loved it, and not just because I loved the film. I loved it as an entirely separate entity. The writing in the novel was classic Dahl, reaching to children & adults and making them feel understood.

I give it 5+ stars. All the stars in the sky. Simply for it’s gaeity and fantastic qualities.

My Fantastic Mr. Fox Tattoo


I got my Fantastic Mr. Fox tattoo… FINALLY!!!! After 11 months of talking about it and dreaming about it, I saved up and went in and got it done at Skinquake by the FANTABULOUS Colin McClain!! I cannot say enough about Colin’s dedication and skill. He designed this tat and decided on all the shading and I couldn’t be happier!!

DSC_1646DSC_1645For those that have never gotten a tattoo before, the process starts with a stencil… you tell the artist if you like the placement, size, etc. Make your changes NOW. Do not feel ashamed to have them replace it. This will be on your body permanently! Your artist wants to make you happy, so please tell them if you want to change something about your design.

DSC_1655DSC_1653DSC_1650DSC_1652And then the black ink! Honestly, the outline hurts far worse than the shading! Once you’re done with this part, you’re over halfway there! I really love how the frame came out… the black looks perfectly Victorian and it really helps the Fantastic Mr. Fox stand out!

DSC_1656DSC_1658And then comes the color… wasn’t that easy and absolutely FANTASTIC! ;) Word of the post, really! haha. It looks wonderful, it feels raw, and you walk away with your very own art piece! Honestly, I love my tattoos… they are a part of me and how I express myself. Wouldn’t change them for the world!