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Things I’m Loving Right Now

besties2 besties

I’m loving surprise visits from my bestest best friend and her fiance! <3

besties3I’m loving a bestie who is endlessly supportive and wonderful and beautiful, even when I am failing…

fiancesI’m loving fiance’s (mine in particular) who can always make you laugh.

moms& lastly, I’m loving moms (who are also maid of honors) who surprise you with amazingly thoughtful gifts that make you sob in front of everyone at your wedding shower. <3 <3 <3


Nutcracker happy happy engaged!So, blog family, I don’t know how else to break the news to everyone, but Mitch & I are engaged [since 12/7/13]!! We’re going to get married and have kids and live happily ever after.

Okay, let’s be honest, I’ll probably drive him absolutely bonkers, BUT he’s stuck with me!

We haven’t set a date, though we’re thinking September 2014! It was a romantic night at the ballet watching The Nutcracker and then home for hot tea and Bible reading. After which, he asked me to marry him. AND I SAID YES!?!

We have been together since September of 2011 and I’ve never been happier in my life. Mitch is my best friend, my confidante, and my support system. I can’t wait to begin our life together as old married folks!

I’m Not Afraid


DIY: Owl Plush

Ohmy… I seem to have made a delectable little owl stuffed animal. Hrmm, I’d better post this D-I-Y made on a whim on my bloggity blog!! So here it is…

-Owl design [toooootally optional and feel free to use mine, but I'm an artiste so I made one. haha]
Two sheets of the dark brown
One sheet of the light light brown
Less than one orange, black, white, and yeller [aka: yellow]
– Four [or more] different bits of Fabric quarters [or scrap fabric, really]
-Sewing machine was helpful, but optional
-Rotary cutter or scissors
-Paper in the shape of a small-ish circle to help w the feathers!

Okay, First thing’s first [naturally]… Cut a town of circles out of the fabric swatches, cut out your owl shape on the brown felt times 2, your eye pieces [yellow, white, and black], the light brown ‘wings’, and a cute orange triangle for the beak!

NEXT, I used my rotary cutter and cut those circles in half for the feathers.

Then, I took the beautiful feathers and started sewing them in semi-straight and structured lines on the front of one of the brown owl body pieces!

After that I grabbed my light brown wings and sewed them on over top of my ‘feathers’! I even decided to give my wiley owl some eyes and a beak!

The last step was putting my finished front piece face down onto the second brown owl body piece and sew them together, leaving a small space to flip my owl inside out and stuff! AND VOILA!!!

I am a certified plushie designer!! Look at those eyes!?! =) She’s a dreamy girl!

DIY: Tie Dye Hair Pt 2

So this time I left the colors in for a bit longer and GLOBBED on the colors. The purple came out more purple and less dark blue and the turquoise is actually turquoise instead of light blue. I’m officially in love [and also a little bit of a my-little-pony] with this hair-do!

Original Colors here! I used the following dyes:
Manic Panic Cotton Candy

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-Mentioning Harry Potter everytime my British coworker speaks. haha. The joke has turned into reality.
-The amount Franklin continues to scratch, even though we treated him for fleas last weekend. =( Poor fellah!
-When my pants are too tight the first day after wash and I can’t tuck my shirt into them [it's a loose shirt, alright? It needs to be tucked in!]

-Robert Downey Jr, bread, and flowers… this photo has EVERYTHING!
-And Johnny is even coming home for the weekend! Good times!
-My apartment complex has a pool… and I have been taking FULL ADVANTAGE.

Calling All Busty Gal Fashionistas

via Bustygirl Comics. Click photo to see more of her brilliance!

Okay, ladies… let’s get straight to the point: It’s not easy shopping for Busty Gals. It’s not easy dressing as a Busty Gal… especially if you would like to wear anything somewhat hip or fashion-forward. Therefore, I’ve come up with some guidelines for my Busty Bloggers out there!

#1. No loose fitting tees. The comic above can help me illustrate this. If it’s loose and it fits over your ladies, it will make you look pregnant OR WORSE.

#2. Wear the right bra size. This one seems obvious, but the right bra can really make all the difference in your posture and clothing. Invest in a good one. I know they’re 60 bucks for a GOOD BRA that fits us Busty Gals, but it’s totally worth it.

#3. No adornments. This is not to say only wear clothes without adornments or jewels or ruffles, but seriously… don’t wear any with designs or adornments ONLY on your chest. Not only is this ASKING for comments, it’s really not something a foxy fashionista like yourself wants to do [re: it can look a bit trashy].

#4. Accentuate your waist. More than anything else, I find that wearing clothing or belts or ANYTHING that draws attention to my waist is a good thing. Namely because it’s draws attention away from my bosoms.

These fashion tips are not because I’m not proud of my ladies or that I don’t want anyone to know that *gasp* I have a voluptuous chest. They’re just ways I’ve found to not be treated like a piece of delicious steak or eye candy to those fellahs that are drawn to the ta-tas!