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My Loot

my loot

The hubby and I went shopping this past week and we both ended up with some awesome loot! This is what I walked away with (can you tell we don’t go shopping very often?):

– Two cat shirts
– Thor baseball shirt
– Rust-colored sweater
– Two pairs of jeans
– Six pairs of no-show cat socks
– Grey Vans
– Knit TOMS

All in all, I scored!!! =) Now to order a big oversized sweater to complete my fall wardrobe!

My New Winter Boots

new bootsMy last pair of winter boots were demolished last Spring during a hiking excursion… a branch jammed through the bottom of the boots and they were taking on water. That defeats the purpose of winter boots, so I decided it was about time to get another pair of working winter boots. I found these beauties at Shoe Carnival and they are the perfect blend of stylishness and utility… just my style. Are you guys ready for the winter weather?!

My Christmas Wishlist

1 \\ 2 \\ 3 \\ 4 \\ 5 \\ 6 \\ 7 \\ 8 \\ 9

Things I’m loving right now

Woohoo! I got my stuff together and I’m going to show you another grouping of some fantastical items I’ve been scoping out on the interwebs lately:




That last shirt has horses on it. I love it! Also, chevron will always be a love of mine. AND THAT PURSE. Such a brilliant color, if only they would mark it down a bajillion dollars. haha.

Outfit Post: Apple Festival

This was my outfit for the Apple Festival last weekend!!!! It was sooo cold out compared to the rest of the week, so I bundled up.
Layers, layers, layers, my friends!

I felt like Amelia Earhart all afternoon! haha

Outfit Post

I mowed my mom’s 3 acre yard yesterday!! And this was the silly outfit I wore. Since I didn’t really dress nicely [or get out of pajamas, really] this past week, this is me keeping it real!!

I am also participating this week in The Nearsighted Owl’s I’m Proud of My Size Linkup! I am not a skinny mini. I have curves and breasts and hips and a badunkadunk. It’s the way God built me and there’s no denying it. I have stretch marks from puberty happening at such a fast pace & I’m okay with that… Not just okay. I’m happy with my curvacious female form!

And that, my friends, is all she wrote!

Initials, Inc.

One of my closest gal pals Ashlee Farris is now a Creative Partner for Initials, Inc! They have ALL SORTS of cutesie bags and accessories… and free personalization if that’s your thang! =)

The tech wallet is one of my fave items… AND it’s in a chevron pattern… be still my heart!!

A giant carry all bag?? It’s officially called the One Trip Wonder, but I think it would be a fantastic travel bag for weekend trips. Easy and fun!! Or even a nice bag for work! =)

I also super dig these Laundry bags. Someday when I get to be fancier, this is the way I’ll be going!

They have all sorts of colors, designs, and font options for you to choose from! =) It’s like Vera Bradley, only more funtional!! Make sure to check out Ashlee’s site! She’s kind of a kick ass lady!!!