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Happy Birthday to the BEST Brother

johnny3 johnny7 johnny4 johnny5 johnny6 johnny2 johnnyToday is my brother John’s birthday. We have always been incredibly close and I don’t take that for granted. I know a lot of people who barely even talk to their siblings, I talk to Johnny about once a day. He’s one of my best friends. He is a really intelligent, very caring man and I can’t believe that he’s turning 25 years old today. I’m so blessed to be his sister. I love you, bucco, and I hope this birthday is one to remember. =)

Happy Birthday, Broseph!

johnnyHappy 24th Birthday to my partner-in-crime, my best friend since childhood, and one of the men in my life who has meant the most to me! My brother Johnny is an incredible young man and I’m so proud of all of the hard work he’s been putting into school this year! He’s gotten SOC [Student-of-the-Course] twice now and he keeps getting better and better! I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in his life!

30 Before 30: New tattoo

I completed another one of my 30 before 30 goals!!!

24. Get another tattoo!

Ignore my eyes in this photo. lol.

Colin McClain from Skinquake in Bloomington, IN did this tattoo and I am SO HAPPY with his work! He’s doing all my future tattoos, I’ve decided!

SO READY to start this beast!! =)

I should mention that watching someone get tatted up for 3 hours is not as exciting as it may seem. Poor Mitchel was such a trooper! My brother even lasted through half of the process, too!

Outline is DONE!!!!

Only the roses left to color!!

So freakin’ happy with the final product!!

Honestly, before I started getting tattoos, I never thought I’d be the type. I never considered putting something on my body permanently. It’s such an art form though. It’s turning my body into a work of art, and you might not want tattoos for yourself, but you’ve got to appreciate the beauty of it. It’s a realization, too… tattoos don’t change who I am. I’m still me… still positive and happy-go-lucky. Still a Christian!! This is just part of who I am. Part of what I love and enjoy out of life. This is me living my life to it’s fullest. =)

Thank God for my supportive family and Mitchel. They may not want tattoos themselves, or even agree with them, but they have been nothing but supportive of me and my happiness. I’m pretty blessed in that department! =)

Project 366

I have some catching up to do with my Project 366, don’t I, kiddos? Here goes!

[Photo 84]
Franklin loving on his Uncle Johnny!

[Photo 85]
Thrifting it up!

[Photo 86]
Franklin as Captain America

[Photo 87]
Shorts for the first time in YEARS!

[Photo 88]
Bows on my nails!

[Photo 89]
Finishing up this awesome novel…

[Photo 90]
My brother bought me some DUNKAROOS!! 90’s anyone?

[Photo 91]

[Photo 92]
Franklin <3 Gertie

[Photo 93]
We won 9 dollars!

[Photo 94]
My boys <3

[Photo 95]
Princess Peach cuddles make everything better!

[Photo 96]
We’re a friend of O’Charley’s!

[Photo 97]
Mitchel bought me new headphones!!

[Photo 98]
Rockin’ out to The Shins new album.

[Photo 99]
Iron Pour 2012

[Photo 100]

[Photo 101]
Mountain Goat Peach!

[Photo 102]
Awesome brooch from Wholly Crafts!

[Photo 103]
My new tattooooooooooo!
Full entry coming at you guys on Sunday!

Kristen’s 21st Birthday Party

I went to DC a couple weeks ago to celebrate my cousin Kristen’s 21st birthday!!! It was an incredible celebration and I felt so blessed to get to spend a couple days with the people I love. I even got to see my bff Shelly again!!! =] So without further ado… the trip photos!

birthday girl!My dance with the birthday girl!! =)

Phil, Shelly, me, and Mitch!

My momma and Auntie Donna

My best friend since the 4th grade.
What would I do without her??

It was a great trip!!! And Mitch survived a total of 24 hours in the car with me, my mom, and Johnny!!! =) haha.

Mitch’s Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Mitchel’s 28th birthday last weekend and it was a blast!!
Both of our moms, my brother, and his sister came over to our SUPER DUPER clean apartment [we had spent the whole morning cleaning it] and had some delicious honey chicken and cupcakes. Not at the same time.

Also, I forced everyone to take family photos, which they were NOT pleased about. haha. But I’m so happy with the way it all turned out. =] I love our families. Any day when we get to spend time with them is pretty fantastic!

Happy Birthday, my love. <3

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-Not being able to see when I drive. Really really cannot wait for my Warby Parker glasses to get here. <3
-Missing days of blogging at a time. Ugh, Sarah... get with the program.
-Not dressing nicely enough this week to do a proper Outfit Post. Oh, my my… welcome to the “Sarah prefers comfort over style” section of my blog. haha.
-Planning a baby shower and being MUCHO behind in preparation. This weekend will be baby-central at my apartment! =]

Mitchel. He has been THAT much more loving and supportive lately. Gotta love that man o’mine. Happy Birthday, babers! ;)
-Going out with work friends!! It was such a fantabulous night out on the town. I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun going out!
-Planning puppy dates with my friends Amanda & Amy. Franklin is going to be so happy to be surrounded by two lady pups. =) My dog has swagger.
-My brother. Seriously… getting to spend so much time with him has really been a blessing. I’m a lucky lady to be surrounded by such wonderful men in my life.