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Nutcracker happy happy engaged!So, blog family, I don’t know how else to break the news to everyone, but Mitch & I are engaged [since 12/7/13]!! We’re going to get married and have kids and live happily ever after.

Okay, let’s be honest, I’ll probably drive him absolutely bonkers, BUT he’s stuck with me!

We haven’t set a date, though we’re thinking September 2014! It was a romantic night at the ballet watching The Nutcracker and then home for hot tea and Bible reading. After which, he asked me to marry him. AND I SAID YES!?!

We have been together since September of 2011 and I’ve never been happier in my life. Mitch is my best friend, my confidante, and my support system. I can’t wait to begin our life together as old married folks!


DSC_1868Happy Birthday to my Mitchel! He turns 29 years old today… so close to the big 3-0!!!! =) I am so blessed to have him in my life. He is an incredibly intelligent, incredibly driven man and he makes everything in my life better. Couldn’t do it without you, love. Here’s to another year older and hopefully another year wiser. ;)

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-How long it’s been since we’ve washed our bedsheets! Icky! We’ve gotta make a big run to the laundromat this week!
-Franklin being exceptionally smelly the other day! Boston terrier farts are the worst.

-Sleeping owls. Aren’t they adorbs?!
-Watching The Walking Dead season 2 on Netflix! It’s sickeningly well-written and acted!
-Crocheting! My bobble blanket is coming along soooo nicely. I’m actually quite proud of it!
-Finishing ‘Life of Pi’ the novel with Mitchel! We read aloud to each other every night… it’s super romantic! And now we start on the Harry Potter series, since he’s never read it before!!

Fall Hiking Trip

We took Franklin on a really wonderful and relaxing walk last Saturday! He really needed a nice, loooooooong walk… and Mitch, Mary, and I took the opportunity to be out in this lovely fall weather!

Franklin was loving the water [a first]!

It was great to be out in nature instead of stuck inside the apartment reading [although, Lord knows, I love that, too]! I love when we get in some “family time” with our baby boy Franklin!

National Boyfriend Week: My Nomination

This week is “National Boyfriend Week”. When Mitchel informed me of this momentous occassion, my natural response was to scrunch up my face and say “Every week is boyfriend week.” hahaha. BUT, I’ve had a change of heart… and I’d like to NOMINATE MITCHEL.

He is kind and loving.
He is attentive and yet respectful of my me-time.
He understands me and loves me in spite of [or maybe because of] all of my flaws.
He is a super dapper gent and lets me ooh and aah over Christopher Eccleston [Doctor Nine] without ever getting piffed!
He adores our fur-babies… all 3 cats & the Frankmeister!!!
Even though he can drive me crazy, I’d still rather fight with his silly face than anyone else’s.
Also, he is very nice to look at, and that doesn’t hurt one bit!
And he wrote me a lovely poem. It’s my favorite piece of poetry I’ve ever read. =) (and not just because it’s about our love and mushy gushy!)

Mitchel, you are all the stars in the sky and every sunrise and sunset. You are my bestest best friend [right up there with mom, you cool cat] and I lurve you and all that junk! ;) Happy national kiss your boyfriend’s bum week.

When is National Girlfriend’s week again? Next week, you say?

Nashville Trip Pt 2

So excited to get to our seats!


Upclose Sara Evans!!!!

Behind the scenes tour after the show!20120918-213959.jpg20120918-214016.jpg20120918-214024.jpg


I wish I could fully put into words everything I felt during the show and tour. I was so overwhelmed by the emotions running through my body, especially when the performers were on stage. It is a lasting memory of mine that I’m sure my grandchildren will hear all about!!! I love you, Grand Ole Opry!!!

Nashville Trip Pt1

So as most of you know, Mitchel bought us tickets to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee for our One Year Anniversary! We went this past weekend and it was an absolute blast!! This is just part one of our trip! The part without the Grand Ole Opry in it, but don’t you fret!! I’ll be posting Pt 2 of our trip tomorrow!!! =)

The Nashville Farmer’s Market was really beautiful! And I enjoyed snapping some shots! Then we grabbed our San Pellegrino and headed to the Bicentennial Park…

What a beautiful spot so rich in Tennessee history!! After that we headed to the Centennial park [I know. haha] to catch a glimpse of a full-size replica of the Parthenon in Greece.

We also enjoyed a bit of Music Row, where this was the ONE photo I snapped:

One Year

Today marks the One Year Anniversary of our first date!! I know that to most people that doesn’t sound like a great feat, but to me it is. I usually get bored or tired of other people and their baggage and drama before reaching the one year mark. I’ve never made it this far with ANYONE. And it’s all because I was waiting for my best friend. Getting to share this with Mitchel is something I hold very near and dear to my heart.

I am the luckiest girl alive and I’m so happy that I get to share my life and adventures with a man who supports me and loves me to the fullest. You are already a part of my family and I can’t wait to see where this year takes us. I love you, Mitchel, more than words can ever truly express. You are my partner in crime, my confidante, my biggest supporter, and the only person I want to spend the rest of my days with.

Texas Trip

I already shared photos of Naomi’s birthday, now to dump off all the rest of my photos from the mini-vacay with Mitchel’s family!! =) Can I just brag about this little lady that I absolutely adore and have no relation to?! Cuz she’s just the bestest!

She ran for the swings as soon as we got to the park… a girl after my own heart! haha. Then we went and fed the ducks…

& had a ton of park fun before heading home for the evening!

And when we got home, I showed Naomi the photos from the day & taught her how to be a pirate!


Naomi’s 2nd Birthday

NaeNae turned 2 years old!!! For Naomi’s birthday we all got together and headed off to the Wacco Zoo!! =) It was such a fun day and the sun was out to celebrate with us!

After the Zoo, we came back to Louis & Lana’s house and opened gifts, grilled out, and had Spongebob cupcakes!!

Overall, it was quite the successful 2nd birthday for Miss Naomi! =)