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Aunt Donna’s Visit


My mom and Aunt Donna

My Aunt Donna came back to visit for the weekend!! Auntie D was like a second mother to me during my formative late elementary and middle school years. She has always been there to lend an ear and offer up heaps of good advice. =)

DSC_2153My husband is such a dream boat DSC_2149Da boys DSC_2152Love this candid photo of my brother John DSC_2151We call ourselves Flannel Cubed (not really, but I think it would make a splendid band name!)

We went to a ton of breweries, local restaurants, and even our local wineries. What can I say? Food is love in this family! Either way, it was great to have her come to visit after the wedding, since Mitch & I felt like we missed out on spending time with everyone on that crazed wedding weekend!

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

fairy taleAwkward:
-Our lack of honeymoon… I know, I’m being spoiled, but I really would have loved to have some time to just enjoy us and be newlyweds. BACK TO WORK WITH US! Ugh…
-Changing your last name is harder than it looks and the Social Security office works really odd hours (re: 8AM to 3:30PM… I work an hour away).
-No photos of the entire family. I got zero photos with Mitch’s mom and dad. Kinda disappointing.

-Beautiful preview photo (see above) that our photographer shared with us. I love it. Can’t wait to see the other beauties.
-Baby cuddles with my nephew Blakey. He is always such an angel when we’re around. He saves the bad moods for his momma! ;)
-Staying in our pjs ALL WEEKEND last weekend. We really needed the down time after all the wedding stresses…
One Girl Conference with my church! Can’t wait to get started making some lip gloss with teen girls and working on the Sole Hope project!

Happy Birthday to the BEST Brother

johnny3 johnny7 johnny4 johnny5 johnny6 johnny2 johnnyToday is my brother John’s birthday. We have always been incredibly close and I don’t take that for granted. I know a lot of people who barely even talk to their siblings, I talk to Johnny about once a day. He’s one of my best friends. He is a really intelligent, very caring man and I can’t believe that he’s turning 25 years old today. I’m so blessed to be his sister. I love you, bucco, and I hope this birthday is one to remember. =)

Happy Father’s Day



You are my leader in Christ, my role model, my friend, my support system. You keep me laughing and make sure I never take myself too seriously! You are full of love for all people and animals. I am a very blessed daughter! We all love you terribly!! <3

Abbigayle’s Birthday

AbbiToday I am in Nevada celebrating the first birthday of my niece Abbigayle!! =) It was a last minute decision to make this trip, but OH SO WORTH IT. I can’t believe that I’m getting to spend this time with my brother Joel and his family. I’m so blessed!!

Relay for Life

relay catherine mason

Made in memory of my grandmother.

I had such an incredible time participating in Relay for Life! =) It was such a moving, thought-provoking, and happy event spent celebrating MORE BIRTHDAYS! I feel so proud of how much money our work team earned for the Relay. I would definitely suggest participating in a Relay for Life in your own towns. <3 Down with cancer!!

Book Reviews


booksWhat a dream it would be to be able to review books every day of the week!

It’s so odd to think this, let alone write this down for all the world [i.e., my 5 readers]. I did not truly know until a little while ago what I wanted to do with my life. When I was a young college graduate, I wanted to┬ábe an actress in a television sitcom. That was the dream.

Now my dream has shifted. Grown with my age and likes/dislikes, my love and happiness growing and shaping differently as my preferences evolve.

country daysI can think of nothing more lovely than reviewing books for all the days of my life. I may not be able to write extremely well. I may not be able to act extremely well. But I can read like a pro; read like it’s my job.

And so that’s me. That’s me now. At 26 years old. Working during the day as a technical writer, wishing I could write more often and read all day every day.