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Glitch: A Review

glitchOh, dystopian novels, how I love thee! Glitch by Heather Anastasiu is a dystopian YA novel in it’s most realistic form!

The Community protects us all from pain and war. The Community is the only thing that is important. The Community is our life. Zoe is perfectly content in The Community until she starts to “glitch” and form her own thoughts, opinions, and feelings. She finds herself enamoured with the feelings flowing through her and she starts to glitch more and more often. Glitching is dangerous… if The Community were to find out, they’d “fix” her instantly and she’d stop having any feelings of her own. Her glitch also comes with the power of telekinesis… she can move things in her MIND! Why would she want to give up all of these gifts she has control over while glitching? Keeping her glitch a secret might be the thing to kill Zoe, after all.

This probably sounds crazy, but I liked this novel because I felt like it could really happen. I feel like the contentedness of not having our own unique flaws and thoughts might lead the government [The Community] to controlling everything they can about it’s citizens. I really liked Zoe… her thoughts seemed very genuine. Fun story! Can’t wait to read the sequel!


Bubble Bath

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Rose Under Fire: A Review

rose under fireRose Under Fire is the secondary novel to Elizabeth Wein’s Code Name Verity (reviewed here). These novels are historical YA fiction at it’s ABSOLUTE best! Rose Under Fire takes over a few years after we left the story in Code Name Verity.

This novel is about Rose Justice, an 18 year old American volunteer in the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA). She flies fighter planes to locations for the military forces in and around the war effort during World War II. She is captured on her way to France in 1944 and sent to  Ravensbrück Concentration Camp. Ravensbruck is home to some of the worse human experimentations during the Nazi command.

Rose’s experiences in the camp are so heartbreaking and really in-depth. Wein has a way of making you feel like you were there. After reading this novel, I feel like I’ve survived through the hell of a concentration camp, the hopelessness is palpable. GREAT novel. SO MANY FEELS! Love this author!

The One: A Review

the oneThe One is the final novel in Kiera Cass’ Selection trilogy (The Selection review here and The Elite review here). These novels have such GREAT characters. A kingdom in turmoil, a prince who needs to pick his princess, a girl from a small background in the mix, and war knocking at the door of the castle [literally].

This is almost like a realistic fairy tale. haha. A fairy tale that has real life elements. A wannabe-princess that doesn’t know what she wants for her future… could it get any better than that?! A prince whose father (the king) is less than kind and definitely not a loving man. These people are not royalty… they’re us. Well, they are us without the money problems. haha.

These novels seemed so foofy to me in the beginning… but they’re really not. The characters are multi-faceted people. America Singer is such a strong-willed main character… I love the sheer volume of novels with strong female leads nowadays! =) If you’re looking for a fairy tale set in a dystopian world, look no further.