Franklin & Blake

first meeting cousin loveFranklin met his cousin Blake for the first time ever on Thursday!!! Needless to say, he was one smitten pup. He even gave Blake a couple kisses and at the end of the night Franklin decided to snuggle up on Blake’s feet while Blake & I were cuddling (Frankie might have been a tad jealous). It was still the sweetest thing to watch. I was glad that Franklin handled himself so well… it bodes well for a future children.

Things I’m Loving Right Now

Short and sweet is the name of this week’s Things I’m Loving…

kankenIt’s an unexplainable love affair between me and the Kanken Classic in Ochre. I need a laptop bag for work,  but this one is definitely excessive. I don’t need it… I just think it’s really, really pretty!

false lashesFalse eyelashes! Gah! My makeup/hair stylist gave me some for our wedding day and I loved them! A good alternative to putting in false eyelashes everyday is the younique 3D Fiber Lashes. They aren’t as flawless as false eyelashes, but it’s much easier to apply if you’re makeup impaired like me.

Our Wedding

Hello, Readers!

Sorry for my month-long hiatus. Life has been going at the speed of light and I haven’t been able to keep it in check lately. In the month of August, I started my new job as technical writer/subject matter expert with a new company, my nephew Blake was born, we moved (TWICE!!), and wedding planning was in full swing.

On September 7th, I married my best friend Mitchel. It was a lovely ceremony, everything was so simple and beautiful. It didn’t all work out the way I wanted it to, but no regrets! Mitch & I got to spend a lot of time together on our wedding day and that made everything that much sweeter. Here are some photos of our big day… we only have photos from family & friends so far, but I’ll be sure to share more later on…

getting ready the dress my family first kiss man & wife first dance 1 father daughter dance the cake with Blakey

We had so many friends and family members that traveled from far distances to be there for us on our wedding day. Extra props to my mom Amy {one of the maid of honors & the wedding planner(!)}, my brother Johnny, Phil {my bestie Shelly’s fiance}, and Katie {Blake’s mommy} for saving the day in so many ways. Also, to my incredible bridesmaids & Mitch’s groomsmen, you all kept us sane and kept us laughing all day long. I had the best day with all of the loves of my life.

Life goes by so fast, it’s so hard to stop and enjoy the little moments. Right now I am enjoying my new role as wife with my handsome and amazing husband. Everything is changing, but I am ready to meet all of life’s challenges head on, so long as I have Mitchel by my side.


My Cape

doesn't even fit

Kitty Corner

hugs no teeny pretty raccoon

Mary Poppins: A Review

mary poppinsMary Poppins by P.L. Travers is a classic novel that I never had the chance to read as a child! I have, of course, loved the film with Julie Andrews since the age of 10, when I first saw it. The enchanting scenes and stern loving that Mary Poppins offered really spoke to me as a child. The novel, though different from the much beloved film, did not disappoint this reader.

Blown in by a strong wind, Mary Poppins is given a job as nanny to the four children who reside at Number Seventeen Cherry Hill Lane. The children are Jane, Michael, and twins: John & Barbara. The twins are still infants and while I understood the need to cut their characters from the movie, I found that they added a lot to the novel version. They were funny and had many deep thoughts and ideas about Mary Poppins.

Jane and Michael were just as rambunctious as their film-counterparts, though they minded Mary much better in the book. The birthday party at the zoo and the trip to buy gingerbread stars from Mrs. Corry & her two daughters were my favorite bits of their adventures… and BOTH were really lacking/missing from the film version.

All in all, I REALLY enjoyed this novel. So much so that I want to read this to my children before they ever catch a glimpse of the film. It was magical and fun and everything a children’s novel should be. It reminds me of the novel Peter Pan! Fun and a bit dark, like life. DEFINITELY recommend reading this classic if you haven’t picked it up yet!

Coffee Owl

owlThis makes me ridiculously happy. Two of my favorite things in life. <3