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Awkward & Awesome Thursday

angry duckAwkward:
-SO MUCH SNOW in the past week. I’m not into it!
-I can’t figure out how to work my new tea infuser. I love how strong the loose-leaf tea is, but I think I didn’t get a very good infuser. It’s got a stainless steel mini-collander and a glass cup with slits in the bottom. HELP! How do I use this thing?!
-Asking for a bra for Christmas. I am officially a grown up!

-Planning for our first married Thanksgiving next Thursday! I’m cooking EVERYTHING myself! Nervous, excited, and I hope I don’t fail in my [sarcasm] “wifely duties” [/sarcasm]
-Making my way through novels lately. I. will. catch. up!
-Got my awesome winter clothes out of storage. LOVE cozy sweaters. It’s practically an obsession.


I survived

i survived

Kitty Corner

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The Night Circus: A Review

the night circusThe Night Circus is the debut novel of writer Erin Morgenstern. What a grand first novel. How to authors do this?? I have no idea how they can have all this inside of them and hidden for so long until they are published. This novel was inspired, to say the least.

Two magicians make a bet that their own prodigies will be the superior magician. Only their talents are not just tricks of the light or an illusion, these two men are actually harnessing magic in it’s purest form. They separate to train their ‘mini-me’s. Years later, the prodigies are competing in the night circus, a circus unlike any other circus. There are tents that have snow falling, tens with jars of scents, and at the center a tree that seems to hold the entire life of the circus in it’s limbs. Will the competition kill the circus? Will it tear apart the magicians running it?

AH!! THIS NOVEL. The characters are so intriguing and the story is quite simply… MAGIC. I feel like the song Magic by Coldplay is made for this novel. It was compelling and new and so sweet. I feel as if I devoured the story and looked forward to it every night after work! DEFINITELY a novel you’ll want to read!


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Things I’m Loving Right Now


They are made of shortbread and white chocolate icing and HEAVEN. The absolute BEST cookies I’ve ever had in my entire life [sorry, mom]. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Made this crappy work week somewhat more survivable. That and the wine that I mentioned on Thursday! =) Such a simple thing can make or break my days lately. Thank God for cookies, wine, and amazing husbands!